Call your doctor if your erection doesn't melt in 4 hours
Hey! Watch your step
Good pussy
Hard way to flush your life away
Nature Flips The Bird
Either a relationship gone bad, or bad advertising
This is what geeks look at when they look at porn
The job sucks, but the fringe benefits are great - free fertilizer
Don't aim low
The correct ergonomic way to sit at a desk
But I only have one bong hit a day
This is the "No Wonder Bra"
Tell us how you really feel
It must of been the chili I had for lunch
I'll bet this guy is rich
It's hard to run up the middle against these guys
Fill it up with unleaded, please
Lift up head, insert in ass
This tree didn't fall too far away from the nuts
This must be the most popular girl at the party
Truth in advertising vanity plates
How's your self esteem?
All Pro in the gay football league
Would you take orders from this commander?
Now that's a unisex toilet
Yes, it is prickly, but it IS ribbed for her pleasure
OK, you can come in
This tool works great on Dogwood tree leaves
I can't smell a thing
Caution - traction tires advised
Sharing is Caring
This could get messy
You could drive a truck through this
If you gotta go...go now
Me so horny
Fountain of pee
Check your manhood at the door
Every round finishes at the 19th hole
Aint that a kick in the pants
Time to cowboy up!
Latex baby
I've got to give up swallowing cock for Lent
Now I can hit that high note
Camel Toe
Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Big tits, flexible and loves veggies
Both holes filled - no waiting
Paint gun art
A Princess sits on her throne
Get a room - Please!
An inviting spread
Watermelon cakes
Wow! These tits have a bite
This cock has a pussy
Penis art
Genitals under construction
Navel tattoo art
Creative pen holder
Girl gets a horse facial
Human Charpey eats a hotdog
Wet clam
Siomese twin embroyo
Wedding wish
Caution - Full load
She's a rolly-poly sex machine
This guy never leaves the house
All wrapped up with no where to go
This gal is locked up tight
Open wide and say ahhh....
A new wave soda pop dispenser
She's a gusher
It's ribbed for her pleasure
Things are heating up
She's got a lobster snatch
Every girl loves a guy who is good with power tools
Biggest nipples ever
Long freaky nipples
She's got conehead nipples
Must have a very strong dick
I could'a had a V8